Transworld Multipurpose Industries

Our Products

We are committed to providing high-quality flexible packaging solutions to multifarious businesses in an economical, efficient & sustainable way.

PVC Label Printing Quality Film

We provide PVC film to well-known printers in Pakistan, enabling the production of high-quality heat-shrink PVC labels using Roto Gravure Printing Machines with up to 9-color capability.

Transparent & Printed Arc Bags

Our Shrink Arc Bags are the perfect solution for safeguarding and preserving your products. We offer Arc Bags in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Laminated Reels, Bags & Pouches

Our manufactured laminated materials are meticulously crafted and engineered to provide protective solutions for products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Tamper-Evident Neck Seals

Our tamper-evident neck seals are designed to offer protection against any unauthorized tampering of products.

Custom Printed Labels and Sleeves

Our extensive range includes PVC and PET-G heat-shrink materials, as well as BOPP, offered in both pre-cut and reel formats suitable for high-speed packaging machinery. We also provide gravure-printed labels in PVC, PET-G, and BOPP, supporting up to 8 colors, available in cut form or on reels for seamless integration into high-speed production lines.

PE Shrinkable Film

Polyethylene shrink wrap stands as a robust and puncture-resistant material employed for bundling and enveloping both products and sizable objects. Our PE shrinkable films feature a unique formulation tailored for automatic and high-speed production lines, enhancing yield and efficiency for our customers.

PVC Packing Quality Film

We produce transparent and colored PVC heat-shrink films, available in both pre-cut and roll forms. These films find application across various industries for retail packaging, offering a cost-effective alternative compared to various other available shrink film options.